Membership Information & Services

The Wahoo Civic Center is a membership-based recreation facility.  A Civic Center membership not only includes year-round access to the Civic Center but also allows members to take advantage of reduced rates for recreation programs and activities and discounts on Wahoo Aquatic Center season passes.  Various membership packages are offered with differing rates for residents and non-residents of Wahoo.

                  Current Monthly Membership Rates:
$41 $44
**Single Parent Family
Individual (19+)
Senior Couple (55+)
Senior Single (55+)
Youth (5-18 yrs.)

* Adult male and female and dependent children (up to age 23) living at the same address.
** Single head of household and dependents (up to age 23).
Note:  Above rates do not include sales tax.

Initiation Fee
All new memberships are assessed a $25 initiation fee.  Any membership expired longer than 30 days will need to remit the initiation fee as well.

Continuous Membership
All Civic Center memberships are continuous and do not expire unless you choose to cancel.  This means they automatically renew either monthly or annually, depending on the payment option you choose.

Payment Options
Payment for memberships may be made annually or monthly.  Memberships paid for annually will receive a 10% discount off the regular, monthly rate.  Regardless of which option you choose, payments are processed automatically from either a bank (checking or savings) account or credit/debit card.  The first monthly payment (with initiation fee) is due when you join.  Monthly payments are deducted on the 15th of each month.  All membership payments are non-refundable.

Membership Cancellation/Termination
If you choose to cancel your membership, you must visit the Civic Center front desk to complete a membership cancellation form.

Your cancellation form must be received before the 1st day of the month to allow sufficient time to cancel your membership/automatic payment.  You will be charged for your membership each month until a written notice is received.  Not using your membership does not constitute a cancellation.

Updating Your Direct Payments
To change the account (bank account number, credit/debit card, etc.) that your monthly/annual dues are drafted from, you will simply need to complete a new authorization form by stopping by the Civic Center front desk.

Guest Passes

Each membership which is paid for in full annually will receive five guest passes.

Business Discount
The Civic Center offers a 10% discount off regular membership rates if the individual applying for membership is employed by a company, business, or organization that has either a minimum of three employees or 50% of the company workforce as Civic Center members.  Check with a Civic Center staff member to find out if you qualify for the discount.

Membership Application
Anyone purchasing a new Civic Center membership must complete a membership application.  Click here to download a membership application.

Membership Verification
Upon arrival, all facility users (members and non-members) are required to sign-in at the front desk.

Wahoo Parks and Recreation
310 N. Linden St.
Wahoo, Nebraska 68066
(402) 443-4174
Fax: (402) 443-4179
Email: WahooCivicCenter