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Get the 'jump' on registration for SPRING YOUTH VOLLEYBALL!  Register now through January 16th and receive an "Early Bird" discount.
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And for our younger volleyball players...we are offering a three-week, AFTERSCHOOL VOLLEYBALL CLINIC for 1st & 2nd graders!
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Join the movement...and walk for the HEALTH of it!   

8-Week FREE Walking program on Thursdays from 11am-1pm starting January 26, 2017!
Walk on your lunch break...whether you have 15 minutes or half an hour.
Come 6 out of 8 possible weeks and win a Fitbit!  (Must attend first and last session)
Open to Civic Center members and non-members.
Pre-registration is required.  Click here for more information and to register.  Don't delay...space is limited!

Celebrate Good Times!...C'mon!
Celebrate with us!  We can help make your next group party memorable!
Click here for more information or contact Amber at 443-4174 to find out more about our Group Party Packages.

Scroll down for the newest "Fit Bits" from Civic Center trainer, April Kassebaum.


With the recent confirmation by the State of Nebraska Department of Agriculture of the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer in Omaha as well as a second confirmation in Cass County (Greenwood)...Wahoo property owners are strongly encouraged to become well-informed about this invasive pest and the tremendous impact it is expected to have on the City of Wahoo's community forestry.

A recent survey of Wahoo's 'public' trees which includes trees on public property and in the street right-of-way, indicates that ash species comprise the largest single species of trees on public space in our community...nearly 325 trees!  Also keep in mind, this does not include the dozens of ash trees on private property.  Clearly, EAB will have a tremendous impact on Wahoo and our tree canopy.  Now is the time to learn as much as possible about EAB and it's impact so that you can make appropriate decisions regarding your ash trees.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find pertinent EAB information and links as well information about the Wahoo Community Forestry program.  Please take the time to review and become an informed property owner.

"Fit Bits"...by April Kassebaum, Certified Personal Trainer
A periodic feature offering timely fitness advice relevant to your Civic Center workout experience.

Looking for a thrilling and challenging way to ignite your "Core 44" muscles?

Try using the Civic Center's "Skittles" (Fitness Balls) located in the weight room to improve your core's stability,
balance, posture, and strength!  The specific exercises shown below are just a sampling of the many fitness ball
exercises available to help you improve your overall health and fitness.  Contact April Kassebaum for more details.

Before you get started, here's a few training tips when using fitness balls:

1)  Pick and choose the size of fitness ball that accompanies your height and more importantly...feels safest.  All of the fitness balls at the Civic Center are labeled with the recommended user height...see photo left (top).

2)  Always perform fitness ball exercises by a wall.

3)  Perform fitness ball exercises after doing 10-45 minutes of cardio.

4)  Never do a core workout on an empty stomach.  Drink at least 20 oz. of water before your core workout.

5)  Perform these exercises with 1-3 sets of 30 repetitions.

6)  Do a 30-second spine stretch between sets...see photo left (bottom).





(She's pretend typing...)

Be stronger than your excuses!

April Kassebaum is available for fitness consultations at the Civic Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Visit her website to contact her directly at:  www.FitByApril.com

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Nebraska Forest Service - EAB Site

Emerald Ash Borer Information Network

Map - EAB Treatment Consideration Zone
 & Current Quarantined Areas

EAB - Guidelines for Nebraska Homeowners

Selecting Trees for EAB Treatments

Omaha World-Herald Article:
EAB - Homeowner's Guide

Wahoo Community Forestry Information

Wahoo Community Forestry Ordinance - A Property Owner's Guide
Application for Tree Planting Permit
Street Tree List
ReTree Nebraska's 16 for 2016
Tree Selection and Planting - Best Practices
Recognizing Tree Hazards - Part 1
Recognizing Tree Hazards - Part 2

Mission Statement:

The Wahoo Parks and Recreation Department is charged with providing quality parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services to enhance the overall quality of life for the Wahoo community.  In achieving our mission, we are dedicated to managing and developing parks and recreation facilities which are responsive to varied and changing citizen needs.  We strive to provide attractive, modern, and well maintained facilities and green spaces which serve as a source of community pride.  We are committed to providing and promoting a creative and balanced schedule of recreation activities and events and work in close cooperation with various civic groups and organizations in facilitating a wide array of leisure opportunities.

The information contained on this website offers an overview of what we are all about…our facilities, programs, and membership services.  We invite you to take advantage of the variety of opportunities offered by our organization.

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